Leveraging extensive experience in design, construction, and business, the Iconic Design + Build team works to create beautiful, functional spaces, while keeping each client's project budget and goals in mind. Gathering new inspiration and fresh perspectives from nature, technology, trends, textures, patterns, and styles, each Iconic space is designed with great attention to detail and a distinct focus on your vision.

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Kaitlyn is the Owner and Principal Designer who has dedicated her heart and mind to building this business from the ground up since 2016. Kaitlyn crafts the business, brand strategy, and complete design for Iconic Design+Build. She’s the first person you talk to when reaching out and the final word on all things design and creating within the team.

Every concept is uniquely designed by Kaitlyn herself, as she’s focused on creating one-of-a-kind, inspired designs that reflect each client that she works with. As the owner of an award-winning design company, Kaitlyn's years of experience in interior design and construction – coupled with a deep love for designing and traveling – allow her to curate works of art for her clients.

When she's not working, she loves hiking and camping, visiting National Parks (28 and counting), trying new food and vintage shopping. Her love for sourcing unique pieces fuels her passion for creating inspiring spaces that give an experience that is unmatched.

As a licensed general contractor, Kaitlyn provides full-service design and construction services while keeping both the functionality and structural integrity of your space in mind. If you are looking for a true partner in your design project, incredible attention to detail, and the utmost professionalism, Kaitlyn and Iconic Design + Build's talented partners are the team for you. 

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Since a young age Cheri has immersed herself in the arts and by her teen years, she was contracting work as a portrait artist. She went on to study art and graphic design and has worked in the design industry ever since. With her artistic eye and her analytical attention to detail she thrives on implementing technical details and working to bring Iconic's design concepts to life. Her unique skill set allows her to oversee the Build side of Iconic Design + Build, executing innovative designs with high quality and timely results. Cheri carefully manages every aspect of the Build, coordinating a team of professionals to bring project concepts to completion. She takes her work personally, knowing the outcome is personal to our clients. Bringing our clients' dreams to life is her art form. She spends her free time enjoying the beauty of the desert, trail running and hiking with her husband and two teenage kids. 




Our Lead Designer, Lauren Hayes, closely collaborates with Kaitlyn on all design projects and assists in bringing our design concepts to life! Her love for interior design started with interests in historical homes and architecture. Through her desire to learn more, she quickly found that interior design was the most captivating component - so she made it her career. Her style and eye for design aligns with Iconic Design + Build's key principles that are instilled in each and every project. She loves timeless architecture and product design that dates back to the mid 20th century, which makes her a key player in sourcing furniture and decor. She oversees our design team and assists in on-site management to execute our designs. In her free time, she enjoys perusing vintage shops and loves getting away for the weekend to camp with her husband and pup Benny.




Carla was born and raised in Venezuela before moving to Florida at the age of 15. One of Carla's earliest memories is being on her family's construction endeavors - she remembers loving the smell of freshly poured concrete at the job site. Growing up seeing the construction process and the design meetings for internal finishes, her parents always encouraged her to participate. It only made sense years later when she decided to study Architecture at the University of Central Florida. While studying full time, she had the opportunity of learning and working about the field alongside developers, designers, architects, civil engineers, drafters and almost every trade member needed in construction; she gained knowledge about the different stages of construction and development in residential and commercial projects. In her spare time, she loves traveling with her husband Chris and their pup Volk, she enjoys reading and keeping herself active through mountain biking, snowboarding, cross fit or any sport, really. She is a native Spanish speaker, English is her second tongue and currently, she is very passionate with the process of learning French.




If you've seen our Iconic truck driving around, you may have seen our Construction Foreman, Rudy, in the driver's seat! Rudy is our eyes and ears at our jobsites. He ensures all materials that are needed are on-site, the projects are tidy and the quality of work meets the Iconic standards. He is the point of contact for our subcontractors on-site as well as our project manager during the execution of the project. Rudy came to us with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry managing and self-performing entire bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as troubleshooting any maintenance tasks needed throughout the home.




Keli has always had a passion for interior design, going as far as to take on an entire home remodel from demolition to redesign with her husband on their own. In the process she discovered that all aspects of the design and construction process were so intriguing and wanted to learn more. She stepped into the Procurement Coordinator role for Iconic Design + Build with the drive to learn more about the industry. Keli handles all of our project ordering and logistics of all of our materials for our furnishings and construction projects. She is the line of communication with our receiving companies and vendors throughout the order tracking process. She is drawn to modern design and enjoys spaces that showcase natural elements of design in a sophisticated setting. In her spare time, she can be found tackling home renovations projects and enjoying time with her family and two dogs.




As our Client Coordinator, Emerson is one of the first team members our clients get to know. She is there to guide our clients through the process from beginning to end. Emerson ensures our clients know what to expect as they move into different stages of the design and build process. She holds a degree in Retailing and Consumer Sciences from the University of Arizona. Emerson is an Arizona native who loves anything outdoors and is passionate about all things fashion, traveling and interior design.




Anya comes from a profession in healthcare but decided to take a leap of faith end of 2019 to pursue her true passion that was existing only as a hobby. Anya has always had a passion for styling and interior finishes which began at a young age when she would spend her Sundays convincing her parents to visit yet another model home or open house. She has always been inspired by pattern, color, and textiles whether it was via fashion, floral work, painting, or fabrics. Anya is a determined, highly attentive to detail individual that works hard to achieve what she sets her mind to. Nowadays, you can find her admiring a timeless design and gathering inspiration from natural & organic elements in nature everywhere she goes. In her spare time, you find her traveling to tropical destinations with her husband, adventuring the outdoors, or scouting cities and neighborhoods for unique architectural designs with a cup of coffee in hand.




As an Associate Interior Designer, Kay helps bring Iconic’s designs to fruition through 3D modeling, preparing design presentations by creating plans, elevations and any detailed drawings necessary to best communicate the design. Kay comes to us with experience in high end interior design projects through 3D modeling, drafting, and rendering, while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, with a minor in Sustainability from Arizona State University. Art and design have served as a creative outlet for her since she was young. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but is happy to call Arizona her home as she is eager to continue collaborating and strengthening her skills with Iconic Design + Build. She is drawn to clean, organic interiors that incorporate nature. In her spare time, you can find her plant shopping, going to music festivals or spending time with her family and two dogs.




Melike (Muh-lee-kay) was born in Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Arizona when she was two years old. She has always been very immersed in the Turkish culture, speaking it fluently at home and growing up spending the summers with her grandparents. Traveling fueled her curiosity about the world around her and inspired her to learn more about design and how people in different parts of the world used their spaces. After graduating with a B.S in Interior Architecture at AS, she became in love with residential design. It gives her so much joy to curate a space for someone or a family that is specially catered to them and their needs and will ultimately enhance their everyday life. As an Associate Interior Designer, Melike helps bring Iconic’s designs to fruition through 3D modeling, preparing design presentations by creating plans, elevations and any detailed drawings necessary to best communicate the design. Melike's free time is spent spending time with family, going to concerts, and learning how to be a new dog mom!




Kyle is attending the University of Arizona pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science as well as Information Science and Technology. He constructs the digital 3D renderings of client homes using the 2D floor plans the team creates from their on-site visits. He also builds the digital furniture and fixtures Kaitlyn hand picks to use within each home. He enjoys helping out wherever he can from 3D modeling to fixing some technological difficulties the team runs into.




Paulina is currently pursuing a degree in Interior Design at Arizona State University. After watching her parents work in the design industry for years, she knew at a very young age that she wanted to dive into the design world and has developed a strong passion for it. At Iconic, Paulina catalogs incoming products for current project's along with decor items selected by Kaitlyn. She assists the design team with various day to day tasks as her motivation, devotion, and detail orientation 
helps keep the Iconic design team organized. In her spare time, you can find her playing the ukulele, singing, and enjoying time with friends and family.




Drea began her love for design in the fashion industry at a young age. As she grew older, she began to take her eye for fashion design and transition it into interior design. Drea has started her education in Interior Design at Scottsdale Community College because it was important to her to not only have a passion for design but to be knowledgeable in it from all aspects of the industry. As a Junior Designer at Iconic, Drea works alongisde our design team to order samples, organize the product library as well as client renderings to further assist the team. Drea is a team player who loves to listen and learn from her peers, having the best hands-on experience possible. In her free time, she is a certified foodie who balances her indulgences with a love for fitness!




Kaila has been around the construction industry since a young age due to her father owning his own construction company in the Chicago area, where Kaila grew up. During her free time Kaila’s dad would bring her along to projects and they bonded over watching home improvement shows together. She watched her dad complete renovations on their home throughout the years and was always curious about the construction process. From this Kaila fell in love with design and construction, later knowing it was something she wanted to pursue. Wanting to learn more from a professional standpoint, Kaila became a Project Assistant at Iconic. As Project Assistant, she loves being on-site while assisting the build team with day-to-day tasks, inspecting furniture and fixtures, and keeping track of items that need to be on-site. She is excited to grow her knowledge on all things construction and design. In her spare time, you can find her baking, trying new recipes, exploring Phoenix, and relaxing with a cup of tea.

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