Leveraging extensive experience in design, construction, and business, the Iconic Design + Build team works to create beautiful, functional spaces, while keeping each client's project budget and goals in mind. Gathering new inspiration and fresh perspectives from nature, technology, trends, textures, patterns, and styles, each Iconic space is designed with great attention to detail and a distinct focus on your vision.

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Kaitlyn Wolfe was introduced to design and architecture at a young age after her family moved to Elham, England, a small village outside of London. The experience of living abroad left her inspired by the character and history of European architecture, leading her to incorporate elements of classic style into her contemporary designs. 


After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Neuroscience, Kaitlyn earned an MBA with the intention of one day owning a business. Prior to launching Iconic Design + Build, Kaitlyn gained experience as a project manager and interior designer at a Phoenix-based residential construction company. 

During her time in construction, Kaitlyn recognized a lack of design expertise within the industry. Iconic Design + Build was created to fill that void - to perfectly blend stunning aesthetics with feasibility and functionality.


As a licensed general contractor, Kaitlyn provides full-service design services while keeping both the functionality and structural integrity of your space in mind. If you are looking for a true partner in your design project, incredible attention to detail, and the utmost professionalism, Kaitlyn and Iconic Design + Build's talented partners are the team for you. 






Before coming to Iconic Design + Build, Cheri studied graphic design and worked in the field for eight years. For as long as she can remember, she has been passionate about beautiful spaces and working on personal projects. The transition to interior design was a natural one. She is especially inspired by nature, specifically the desert, and loves when natural elements are uniquely intertwined into beautiful spaces. She loves a challenge and will dive into the details of any creative project. In her spare time, she can be found running or hiking Arizona’s desert trails with her husband or spending time with her two teenage kids. 




Before entering the design world, Lauren spent six years in the events industry. She found herself connected to interior design and decided to pursue her passion and attend the New York Institute of Arts & Design to earn an interior design certification. Lauren loves sourcing unique products that can be used to give Iconic Design + Build's projects an original sense of style. She is captivated by designs that evoke masculinity and elegance in one space. She loves mixing eras in design. Born and raised in Arizona, she is drawn to a modern desert home and in her spare time, you'll find her camping and hiking with family and her dog, Benny.

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Before joining the Iconic Design + Build team, Kay attended Arizona State University, moving from her hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Growing up with a great appreciation of many types of design, Kay found a way to combine her interests in the arts and passion for helping the environment, graduating with a BSD in Interior Design, and a minor in Sustainability. She has always been inspired by creating spaces that serve as a foundation for memories to be made, and she is drawn to earthy, organic interiors with unique style. In her spare time, you can find her plant shopping, going to music festivals or spending time with her family and dogs, Drizzy and Kayzo.




Before joining the Iconic Design + Build team, Keli spent 14 years in the hospitality industry event planning and managing. She has always been passionate about interior design even going as far as to take on an entire home remodel from demolition to redesign with her husband on their own. In the process she discovered that all aspects of the design and construction process were so intriguing and wanted to learn more. She is drawn to modern design and enjoys spaces that showcase natural elements of design in a sophisticated setting. In her spare time, she can be found tackling home renovations projects and enjoying time with her family and two dogs.

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Paulina is currently pursuing a degree in interior design at Arizona State University. After watching her parents work in the design industry for years, she knew at a very young age that she as well wanted to dive into the design world and has developed a strong passion for it. She is motivated, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic when it comes to designing. She is especially captivated by modern minimalistic styles as well as industrial spaces. In her spare time, she can be found playing the ukulele, singing, and enjoying time with friends and family.




Before joining the Iconic Design + Build team, Kyle had a strong passion for photography and digital arts such as modeling and designing. Currently, Kyle is attending the University of Arizona pursuing a double major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science as well as Information Science and Technology. In his spare time at the university, Kyle manages the first and only official photography club at the college that he started up at the beginning of his freshman year. With his goals set in a future full of technology, he enjoys creating 3D Sketchup models using a virtual reality set for the team at Iconic Design + Build.


"Kaitlyn Wolfe is that very rare combination: someone who is highly creative and very organized. On first seeing our new home, she came up with elegant, simple solutions to some tough challenges, especially in our kitchen. She also envisioned some wonderful design elements for our home that we could not even have imagined. We could not be happier with the updated lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, fireplace, and barn doors. And we absolutely love all the furniture and rugs she selected. Also, Kaitlyn knows many local craftspeople and works with them to commission original pieces at very reasonable prices. We really enjoyed working with Kaitlyn because of her warm, friendly personality and upbeat attitude. She is a young, highly original interior designer who works hard to bring her visions to fruition." 


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