At Iconic Design + Build, we understand that every design tells a story - a story about your lifestyle, your history, your ambitions, and the long-term vision for your space. With a clean, modern, and organic style that subtly incorporates vintage and Scandinavian designs, our team always seeks to seamlessly blend form and function.


When starting a new project, we work closely with each client to understand their unique goals and challenges. Iconic Design + Build is dedicated to creating the most beautiful and functional spaces, with fresh, modern details that transcend time.

We pride ourselves on solving problems for our clients and creating timeless, bespoke interiors, designed to meet each project’s specific goals. Incorporating clean lines, textures, earth tones, greenery and iconic elements into every design, our team will bring your space to life. 



Our portfolio of work reflects the Iconic Design + Build team's innovative thinking as well as our dedication to marrying form and function. We hope you enjoy seeing the progression and results of some of our favorite projects to date. 


Follow along for more design inspiration and view real-time project updates.